Setlist 3/30/2012

Back to normal, finally! I’m all caught up on setlists and am blogging live, once again! I had a lazy show tonight. I was busy running all over the place all today and didn’t have time to plan my setlist out in advance. Instead, I opted to do a playlist show and survey some of the great new music here at The Core. I did the show in three main sections. The first was an hour long indie rock block, which included some more experimental music at times; the second half hour was an electronic/hip-hop block; the last half hour was a metal set. I decided to break the setlist up by sections, for informative purposes. Check out what I played below!

Indie rock:

Cursive – The Sun And Moon {I Am Gemini}

Bayside – The Walking Wounded {The Walking Wounded}

TS & The Past Haunts – Circumstance {Gone And Goner}

The Menzingers – Good Things {On The Impossible Past}

Cats In The Basement – Peanut Butter {Doo Be Doo La Dee Day Dum De Dum Drink Your Blood}

The Mars Volta – Zed And Two Naughts {Noctourniquet}

Kryzysztof Pendereski & Jonny Greenwood – Greenwood: Popcorn Superheat Receiver Part 2B {Threnody For The Victims of Hiroshima}

Brock Murdoch – Toothache {Role Model}

Bad Weather California – Let It Shine {Sunkissed}

The Front Bottoms – Maps {The Front Bottoms}

The Jealous Sound – Your Eyes Were Shining {A Gentle Reminder}

Good Old War – Calling Me Names {Come Back As Rain}

Rocky Votolato – Fool’s Gold {Television Of Saints}


The Juggernaut – Chess Fight {OWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol. 2}

Shekel – Everything I Touch Turns To Filth {Rise Of The Persian Prince EP}

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Battle Royale {You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into}

SBTRKT feat. Roses Gabor – Pharaohs {SBTRKT}

Doomtree – Little Mercy {No Kings}

The Alchemist – Lullaby (Rapper’s Best Friend 2}

Dizzee Rascal – U Can’t Tell Me Nuffin’ {Maths + English}

Bassnectar feat. ill.Gates – Probable Cause {Divergent Spectrum}


Witch Hat – Drowned In A Bog – {Brown In A Dog}

Meshuggah – Break Those Sinews Who Gave It Motion {Kolossos}

Animals As Leaders – Cylindrical Sea {Weightless}

Textures – Black Horses Stampede {Dualism}

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Endless Endings {Option Paralysis}

Black Tusk – Bring Me Darkness {Set The Dial}


About Ryan Felder

My name is Ryan. I like music. On this blog, I post the setlists for my radio show, Art For Art's Sake, as well as reviews of the latest new independent music and a Song Of The Week, every week. You can listen to my radio show on 90.3 The Core, an independent student-run college radio station broadcasting from Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. My show runs Thursday nights from 12am-2am and streams live on the internet at View all posts by Ryan Felder

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