Setlist 12/23/2011

This show was unbelievably epic. The highlight was certainly the massive electronica block that was almost the entire first hour. So many great fucking producers… So many hard drops… Dubstep is about as good as it gets. Other highlights include The Front Bottoms’ Christmas single… WTF???The always-excellent River City Extension were also a personal highlight. All in all, a great send-off set, as I will be off the air all winter. I’ll be traveling, so The Core will have to wait for me to return. It’s too bad. I’m going to miss it.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites {Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites EP}

Skrillex – First Of The Year (Equinox) {More Monsters And Sprites EP}

Shekel – Supanova {Mind Fragments EP}

Borgore – Guided Relaxation Dub {Single}

deadmau5 – Sofi Needs A Ladder {4×4=12}

Feed Me – Grand Theft Ecstasy {Feed Me’s Big Adventure}

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger {Discovery}

Datsik – Nuke ‘Em {Nuke ‘Em EP}

Gotye – In Your Light {Making Mirrors} ***REQUEST! Thanks for listening!

Mikal Cronin – You Gotta Have Someone {Tide 7″}

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Not Worth Fighting {Tape Club}

The Front Bottoms – Christmas Wrapping {Single}

Bob Dylan – I Want You {Blonde On Blonde}

Led Zeppelin – What Is And What Should Never Be {Led Zeppelin II}

Iwrestledabearonce – Stay To The Right {Ruining It For Everybody}

The Human Abstract – Holographic Sight {Digital Veil}

Animals As Leaders – To Lead You To An Overwhelming Conclusion {Weightless}

The Aquabats! – Pool Party! {Myths, Legends, And Other Amazing Adventures Vol. 2}

Mirrors & Wires – Mercitron {Meet Me In Cape May 7″}

Come Wind – Midas {Wanderer, O’ Wanderer EP}

La Dispute – Bury Your Flame {Somewhere At The Bottoms Of The River Between Vega And Altair}

The Black Keys – Sister {El Camino}

The Waffle Stompers – Serious {Words With Enemies EP}

mewithoutYou – January 1979 {Catch For Us The Foxes}

Damiera – Flora:Yield {M(US)IC}

River City Extension – Something Salty, Something Sweet {The Unmistakable man}


About Ryan Felder

My name is Ryan. I like music. On this blog, I post the setlists for my radio show, Art For Art's Sake, as well as reviews of the latest new independent music and a Song Of The Week, every week. You can listen to my radio show on 90.3 The Core, an independent student-run college radio station broadcasting from Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. My show runs Thursday nights from 12am-2am and streams live on the internet at View all posts by Ryan Felder

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