Setlist 12/16/2011

Tonight’s program was a throwback to my days as DJ Fyan Relder on my old metal program “Midnight Metal Massacre.” It ended this September to allow me to Art For Art’s Sake full-time. While I still think I made a good decision, I was feeling the call to spin metal. So that’s what I did tonight – 2 hours of brutality! It was good. I’m glad I don’t do all metal every week, but this hit the spot. I thinkit was a great mix of metal – lots of different sub-genres represented. Eclectic, as I like everything. Here’s the list:

Witch Hat – Drowned In A Bog {Brown In A Dog}

The Curtains Of Night – Gather The Horses {Lost Houses}

Made Out Of Babies – Mandatory Bedrest {Coward}

Black Tusk – Bring Me Darkness {Set the Dial}

Mastodon – Capillarian Crest {Blood Mountain}

Baroness – The Birthing {Red Album}

Animals As Leaders – Odessa {Weightless}

Textures – Black Horses Stampede {Dualism}

Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island {The Way Of All Flesh}

Converge – Sacrifice {No Heroes}

Touche Amore – Method Act {Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me}

Iced Earth – Equilibrium {Dystopia}

Isis – Wills Dissolve {Panopticon}

Mouth Of The Architect – Generation Of Ghosts {Quietly}

Anthrax – The Constant {Worship Music}

The Devil Wears Prada – Mammoth {Dead Throne}

Rotten Sound – Doomed {Cursed}

Car Bomb – M^6 {Centralia}

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – To Catch A Tiger {Worse Than Alone}

Dethklok – Awaken {The Dethalbum}

Iwrestledabearonce – Next Visible Delicious {Ruining It For Everybody}

Dying Fetus – Gorehog [Broken Hope Cover] {History Repeats}

The Human Abstract – Nocturne {Nocturne}

Noisear – Fraudulent {Subvert The Dominant Paradigm}

Meshuggah – Straws Pulled At Random {Nothing}

Between The Buried And Me – Foam Born (a) + (b) {Colors}


About Ryan Felder

My name is Ryan. I like music. On this blog, I post the setlists for my radio show, Art For Art's Sake, as well as reviews of the latest new independent music and a Song Of The Week, every week. You can listen to my radio show on 90.3 The Core, an independent student-run college radio station broadcasting from Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. My show runs Thursday nights from 12am-2am and streams live on the internet at View all posts by Ryan Felder

One response to “Setlist 12/16/2011

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for posting your setlist. I always find something eclectic and interesting on the Core and it makes me so happy when I can find out what it was! Awesome radio show.

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