Song Of The Week: “Trazodone” by Trophy Scars

Very few bands can reinvent themselves as drastically as Trophy Scars and actually pull it off. Anyone who hung around Morristown, New Jersey hardcore shows circa 2003-6 will never forget this band. Their intensity, their brutality, sharply contrasted with their masterful composition… Those shows are legendary in NJ indie music circles. Yet the band apparently decided that it wasn’t good enough. Though their early records like Hospital Music For The Aesthetics Of Language and Goodnight Alchemy showed a keen understanding of hardcore musical tropes and startlingly sharp lyrical content, one can’t help but get the feeling that they could do so much better.

Then 2009 came along, which saw the release of the band’s (in my opinion) masterpiece: Bad Luck. Though they retained the intensity that made them so well-known, they branched their sound out into the blues genres, creating an admittedly challenging yet massively rewarding listening experience. Lyrically, songwriter Jerry Jones exploded, creating a sprawling concept album filled with dark, emotional dirges about lost love, bad memories, and unbearable loss. Admittedly depressing, the lyrics constitute some of the greatest songwriting I’ve ever heard.

This song, “Trazodone,” is a track from their follow-up EP to Bad Luck, entitled Darkness, Oh Hell. The song is very reminiscent of the overall mood of Bad Luck – lyrically, the song is about a favorite topic of Jones: bad dreams and ghosts. Jones sings about a man who appears in his dreams, who may be either the devil, haunting him, or a projection of his own twisted psyche. Maybe both? That’s up to you to figure out.

If you dig the song, you can find more information about Trophy Scars on Facebook.


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